Napa Valley Engagement

Jenny + Nathan 

Some of the best locations are off the side of the road, hidden in plain site. In this case, we were headed to Napa Valley. These countryside hills were so stunning that we couldn't help but pull over, hop over the fence, and hike to the top. There, we found a beautiful meadow covered in spring flowers and mountain views for miles.  

Soon Jenny & Nathan will be married! I am so excited to see them again and celebrate the day they have so joyfully waited for.  

Lake Tahoe Engagement

Jenny + Nathan

We traveled to the highest peak in Northern California and almost froze but it was worth it! These two brave souls ventured through snowy terrain with nothing but smiles on their faces. We saw amazing views, laughed, played, and ended our day with a warm cup of coffee in our hands. 

What a day!

The Cinque Terre Magic

We saved the best for last and made our way to the small town of Corniglia. This is one of the 5 fisherman villages on the North-West coast of Italy, also known as "Cinque Terre". We stayed in a small apartment with a balcony that faced the ocean. Every morning we would buy fresh bread and cappuccino's from the bar downstairs. Then we would hike through vineyards and visit the neighboring villages. When the sun was hot we would dip our feet into the ocean and eat pizza made from focaccia bread (you have to try this!) And after a heavy lunch and long hike, we would pick a cozy spot with some shade and take an afternoon nap. I mean, life doesn't get much better than that. I will treasure every memory we made there for the rest of my life. 

Exploring Venice

Recently one of my life long dreams came true, my husband and I traveled to Italy! We both had been dreaming about this country for years and finally the right time came along. We felt like explorers walking around Venice, sometimes getting lost and then stumbleing onto magical places. The crowds went one way and we went the other. No plan or agenda, just doing the things we felt like doing each day - it was perfect that way.

One day, we left the island of Venice and visited another Island called "Burano". You will see a change in the houses as they are all popping with color. The story goes that years ago, when the fishermen returned from sea, they couldn't recognize their homes through the fog, so they started painting them with different colors. And now its just part of history. 

Miami Engagement Shoot

Jerry & Laurenth's engagement photos were taken the day before their wedding! I have never done a Engagement Shoot so close to the wedding and it was one of the sweetest experiences. Unlike the usual hot Miami weather, it was a cool breezy afternoon. We ventured through the forest and found old bridges and forts to explore. I love their adventurous spirits to just go with the flow and enjoy this experience. The way she lights up when he looks at her was just melting my heart. Almost too adorable to handle. 

Costa Rica Wedding - part 2

The story continues on the morning of the wedding as Hans & Valerie prepared to see each other for the first time. It was a warm and breezy day and finally they would be married! With the sun setting, Hans played his ukulele as his barefoot bride walked down the aisle. They were radiating with joy and continued to celebrate throughout the night. They even jumped into the pool and swam under the stars! It was a night to remember. 

I had help taking these by my lovely friend and photo assistant, Crystal Anne. Please make sure you check out her work! 

Costa Rica Wedding - part 1

Hans, Valerie, and 46 of their closest friends and family escaped to Nosara, Costa Rica for their wedding. It was an adventure driving through dirt roads, taking wrong turns, and finally finding this beautiful home nestled between the mountains. We played in the sun during the day and took naps on hammocks in the afternoons. My favorite part was seeing the stars at night when all the lights were off, it was an overwhelming sight.

Here are some glimpses of what it felt like to be there and the beginning preparations for Hans & Valerie's wedding. 

I had help taking these by my lovely friend and photo assistant, Crystal Anne. Please make sure you check out her work! 

Why I love intimate weddings

     I'm being completely honest when I tell you that last year was challenging for me. You see, I was exhausted at the end of 2015 and ended the year not really knowing if I wanted to be a wedding photographer anymore. I was saying "yes" to everything and everyone that came my way with the good intention of gaining experience, however, I ended up overworked and was losing myself as an artist.

     So I stopped. I put my camera away and took a very much needed break. I learned to say "no" to what seemed like cool opportunities but would eventually drain me. I learned to rest. I learned to be satisfied and content with the simple things. Slowly I was reminded of all the childhood dreams of mine that had been forgotten through the years: the hope I can do and be anything I want to be. 

Soon after, I was invited to photograph a wedding in Costa Rica and little did I know how magical this experience would be...

From the start, this wasn't your typical wedding. The house where we stayed was tucked away in the jungle, miles from the nearest town. Only forty-six of their closest friends and family members were invited, those who had been a part of their journey and had watched their love story unfold. You could feel the genuine love and happiness in the air that weekend. Whether it was late night laughs in the jacuzzi or singing songs with the ukulele, they treasured every moment they spent together. 

The ocean and sky painted the most perfect backdrop as they read their vows to each other. The words read were more than pretty phrases, these words were promises of a sacrificial love to one another. Their friends had been witnesses of the great foundation these two had been building that eventually lead them to the altar. 

Nothing was over-the-top or trying too hard. They created an environment that was authentic and brought everyone's attention to what a wedding is really about. Two people saying "'Yes' to FOREVER. Yes in the good and yes in the bad. And yes, life is short and life is hard, but I found someone to walk through it with me. So yes, let's escape to the middle of no-where and do nothing but celebrate what a JOY it is to have and love each other for the rest of our lives."

This whole experience showed a new direction I wish to take with photography. I don't want to hit copy-and-paste at every wedding, instead I want to tell true authentic love stories that are unique to every couple. This is what brings life to me and my work.

For the next few days I will be posting their entire story on my blog. Make sure to stick around for that. Good night!

Savannah Engagement Shoot

Renato & Elizabeth wanted to document their engagement in one of Georgia's most charming cities, Savannah. Together, we explored the town, had a picnic, and found some really neat hidden gems. Being that Renato is my brother-in-law, I have been able to watch their love story unfold from the very beginning. They are so full of joy and gratefulness to have found each other, and I to have gained a sister. 

New York City Wedding

NYC at first can seem like an immense concrete jungle that one can easily get lost in, but getting lost is part of its magic. Caylee & Hugo made getting married in a big city feel small and intimate. As they made their way to the altar, Grand Central Station was the beginning of that journey. In front of hundreds of strangers as well as their closest family and friends, they shared their first look. Then, they road the subway to the most beautiful cathedral nestled between towering skyscrapers. Their guests cheered them out of the church as the adventure continued to Central Park. Then Brooklyn. And finally to the 70th floor of 30 Rock. 

The sparklers at Central Park were my favorite part of the wedding. It was such a romantic way to end the celebration and bid the couple farewell. 

sweet Southern Charm

A few weeks ago, Rafael and I went to Savannah GA to celebrate my birthday. This small historic town has beauty in every corner. We took lots of pictures and of course ate amazing southern food. It was a weekend getaway to remember!

Soon I'll be sharing the engagement session I did here! 

The Scenic Route

Every now and then its nice to take the backroads, get lost, and see where you end up. Thats exactly what we did for Javi & Mari's engagement pictures! We found ourselves jumping over fences then running through fields with tall grass. We later explored through the most beautiful vineyard and watched the sun set behind the mountains. I loved spending the day with them and seeing their fun adventurous spirit come alive. 

Love & Waterfalls

It was a warm day in November as Becca & Joey prepared to be married. Along with their closest friends, they hiked across streams and through the forest in search of this beautiful waterfall. Many happy tears were shed by their loved ones as they said their vows and committed their lives to each other. The day slowly turned into the most magical night as laughter and joy filled the air. They lit a giant bonfire, danced, and watched the sparks fly away.